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Street Date!

by on Dec.09, 2009, under News

For Inside Out that is. June 29th. Coincidence that it’s right around my birthday? I like to think not. Thank you for the early birthday present, Barry.

Barry’s latest thriller stars Ben Treven, who manages to get himself embroiled in a tangled web of intrigue concerning 92 missing torture tapes and an effort to blackmail the U.S. government. But, if you’ve been paying attention, you might recall some strong hints from Barry that a certain half-American, half-Japanese assassin, who specializes in death by natural causes, will be making some sort of cameo in the book. What’s more, there is a chance Treven and Rain could end up crossing paths more explicitly in Barry’s next book.

Apropos of Tokyo Rain, that gives me a good target date to release the game, which I always intended to release in conjunction with the next Rain novel. So you can expect Tokyo Rain to drop somewhere around then too. I’ll give a formal publication date as things get firmed up on my side.

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  1. Jonathan Haynes

    Any word on that release date? Please?

  2. justin

    Short version: Later.

    Longer version: I was about 90% done with development and playtesting, but I just wasn’t satisfied. My top priority is to make a game that meets the high standard Barry has set for the Rain books. So I basically went back to square one–well, square 1.5. I’m mostly there now and expect to finish it up soon. I’m trying to hold off posting more until I’m comfortable it’s fully baked. I’ll keep you posted, and thanks for your interest.

  3. Dave

    just popped on to see if there was an update as far as release date for the RPG. waiting with anticipation.

  4. AsenRG

    No idea how I’ve missed it, but I just found out about this game, the site, and I’m checking for the game. Seems like it’s not out yet, or at least RPGnow and DrivethruRPG don’t have it.
    No idea if playtesters are needed, either, but I applied just in case.

  5. FigureFour

    So, I’ve managed to maintain an interest in this game for years now.

    Is it ever going to come out? If it’s not could you just tell me so that I can forget about it already?

  6. justin

    Yes, it will come out. I’m still mired in design. It has been slowed down due to personal issues that I won’t bore you with, but I will repeat: It will come out.

  7. Jonathan Haynes

    Waiting, so not my strong point.

  8. Sam

    Allow me to chime in with an, “I’m waiting too!” message. I know a friend of mine — FigureFour, shown above — offered to playtest the game, and I can vouch for his ability to do so effectively. It may very well be worth your while, Justin, to seek him out if you’re having design issues. Of course, I’m being somewhat selfish, because any playtesting FigureFour would do would include me.

    At some point this project does need to either come out or be shuttered, though. I know you want it to be perfect, but perfect is the enemy of done. I’m sure Barry Eisler could advise you on the mistake of editing and re-editing something to death.

    Anyway, here’s hoping 2012 finally marks some real progress on the game.

  9. Austin

    Sounds Like the RPG will be a great game cant wait. How do we get on the beta testing for it. I would love to help.

  10. Jonathan Haynes

    Hey Justin, Barry’s website says the game has been published, did I miss something?

  11. justin

    I don’t see that on there. It’s not done yet. However, after an inexcusably long lull–well, I actually do have a pretty good excuse–I did a major rehaul and am happy to announce: I have finished the latest version of the playtest doc! I’m just updating the RefSheets and I’ll get the info out soon. I’m pretty pleased with this more streamlined approach, and I’m hopeful that it will serve as the final iteration of the beta test and I can working on completing the actual final manuscript. The end is in sight! Thanks to everyone for their continued patience.

  12. Austin

    Sounds great cant wait to play it. I really love the books cant wait to play the part as my favorite assassin John Rain. please post the beta soon. I am signed up and ready

  13. Jonathan Haynes

    Thanks for the Updates justin, just got the email and I hope to have something for you soon. I’ll try to be as detailed as last time but with my family back together, time may be difficult.

  14. justin

    Great! Any comments are appreciated.

  15. Steve

    Hi All,

    I stumbled upon this and I’m so excited to hear there is an RPG game. It seems that the last thread was on March 7th and being it now December, just wanted to see if there were any developments on the launch? Thanks, your update is much appreciated.


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