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Are you a John Rain fan? Do you have a favorite quote from the books? Some kick-ass line you’re always repeating? “Killing is the easy part.” Nice. One of my faves: “I’ll send flowers.” Now you can go quotehunting for fun and profit. It couldn’t be easier.

Just post a reply here with the quote, the title of the book, and the chapter. Quotes should be less than 50 words (but if it’s a few words over, no worries).

What’s this about profit? On publication, I will select one quotehunter at random to receive a free pdf copy of the game. Each week, I’ll also select one of the submitted quotes to populate the John Rain Quotebox widget. Wait! You don’t have the quotebox widget? Go grab it now and post it to your blog, webpage, or social network site.

(In case anyone is worried about such things, Barry has given his blessing for using the quotes and for the widget.)

5 comments for this entry:
  1. Rayna

    “Dont kill me!I have a wife and children!”
    John Rain: “ill have someone send flowers’ *kills him*

  2. justin

    A great quote, but I need the book and the chapter to qualify. (I know the answer, but I can’t do your hunting for you; that wouldn’t be fair.)

  3. Cheryl

    There was a time when…I would have been amused and perhaps even disgustede at the notion of living like some sort of psychic vampire, a lingering revenant pressed up against one-way glass, looking with forlorn and futile eyes at the ordinary life that fate had denied me.
    HARD RAIN, Chapter 6

  4. justin

    Very nice. I added it to the quotebox and added your name to the contest. Thanks for hunting!

  5. Rayna

    Yeah, bugger i don’t have that book with me anymore… Will have to borrow it off someone then i will redo it 🙂

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